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Freezing Work Conditions

It's been burning cold-ok, not burning cold, but still nasty-at work these last few weeks.
Tomorrow, the heaters will not work at all, and I am so scared of catching another cold. It's been 50 degrees in our building. Not too bad for winter.IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE!!! For inside office work however, grumbling is ok to me in this instance, cause this freezing sucks!!!
Below are some examples of what is needed to survive at my building:
(1. blanket; 2. big jacket to block the wind from the back of my chair; 3. Heater; 4. hot tea; 5. scarf I wore ALL DAY!):




Jan. 16th, 2013 05:32 pm (UTC)
LOL! I know! I sound like such a wuss LOL! Move out here dude! We can go to Comic Con together!

But what's bad about the 50, is that it is INSIDE my work building. It's a nice 60-62 outisde...and we can't work outside sadly :(