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Confessions of a Book Pimp

The Journal!

Book Pimp
I am a Christian.
I am the first book pimp.
I am married.

I know more than like to let on. I have this terrible habit where I add a question mark to things I know as fact. But on the upside, I state opinions as thus, and facts as thus and remarkably to me can distinguish them. That which I am unsure about, I research as I go along. There are things I disagree with, and things I do. The only things I have no patience for are racism, sexism, fascism, and seeing someone get trampled or picked on. I am my own breed of feminist, but I see the scales of Gender in a different light than most. I can only listen to love songs in a different language, because they seem less cheesy to me. I like punk and ska and their offshoots (with the exceptions a few evolutions). I like a few rap artists, mostly based on lyrics as sometimes the music itself isn't for me (ex. KRS-One). I'm not too keen on country, but I do enjoy it and have random times where I need to listen to it. I go to church and I love God! I am not a "bible beater" and I believe we can agree to disagree, and am open to debate (NOT bicker...different things really). In fact, I TRUELY enjoy hearing other peoples opinions! I kind of collect others thoughts and emotions (someone needs to make a flash drive for this!).

I like movies from when I was a kid the best. I quote all my favorite movies along with lyrics and tv shows (especially The Office) all the time. I love Back to the Future, Goonies, Sandlot, Pushing Daisies, Dexter, It's Always Sunny, Studio Ghibli, Newsies, The Office, Lost, South Park, SpongeBob Squarepants, and a slew of other stuff. I like manga and random books, which don't really have a pattern in subject matter, although I like mysteries and the following authors: Steinbeck, Agatha Christie, Anne Rice, Jasper Fforde, Nick Hornby and K.A. Applegate.

I get distracted and frustrated easily. So when I get distracted, I sometimes get frustrated. I like Japanese snacks and sodas, though Dr. Pepper is my favorite (I can thank my youth pastor for that addiction). The easiest way to win my love is through sushi and/or seafood in general. I love games and HIGHLY competitive, but I hardly win.

To sum things up:
I'm a music-collecting, book-pimping, lyric-and-movie-quoting, cartoon-watching, pocky-devouring, anger-management-needing, Christ-loving, slam-dancing, video-game-playing, skanking-and-a-swimming, Dr.Pepper-drinking, boba-loving, reclusive-wrecking-ball,prank-pulling, American Idiot! ^_________^

Filters I have used on the few Icons have made were by colorfilter. Toki Doki Mood Theme by me!

My life mostly consists of reading, work, church, planning my wedding, grad school and that's really it. I have no life.

Am I a catch or what?

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