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Mostly, this is personal, but hey, it gets me to bring my A-game! My 100%! My a$$ off the couch so I can get a workout done! If it helps anyone else, that’s cool too!
I. Keep your end goals in mind
 Remember being healthy and fit and accomplishing your goals (mine is a 8-9 minute mile)
 Being healthy is a way of life! Make the change
If this fails, here are some not so proper things to remember:
II. It starts at work!
 Keep a mind set from the second you get to your cubicle that you want to work out when you get home!
 Drink water and avoid sugary drinks especially soda.
 Make good lunch choices
 Eat breakfast (and make it a good one!)
 Remember that if I stay healthy, I can get cute work clothes, and not wear the hum-drum polyester work suit uniform **shudder**
III. Psych myself up
 Bring a motivating magazine (Women’s Fitness, Oxygen or Shape for exercise, OR, Vogue, Elle or Cosmapolitan for the lingerie—it motivates me as I want to get cute undies for my reward to self for losing!
 Pinterest!!
o The fitness board you made? The one you look at and say “I will do this some day”? Print out the workout and do it today!
o The fashion board you have? Imagine how great it will feel to earn those jeans or bikini and to wear them the way you want! Also, if you’re like me and have a lingerie board too, then this is motivating as well.
o Costumes- this may be me only, but I REALLY want to cosplay this year @ Comic Con…So! I have a board to motivate for that, and a friend who accomplished his goal!
I looked up some Zumba on you tube and followed the routines, and my friends have a Kinect, and the hubby and I have played and sweat away the calories! I like exercising with him!
Doing Jillian Michaels But I get bored quickly. I would prefer running.
Unfortunately its rainy and WINDY today. So, I will try YouTubes again!