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Meme Time!

It’s meme time!

This is along the lines of Comic heroes and villains…not really a graphic novel meme.

1). Favorite comic book series?
2). Favorite story arc?
3). Favorite hero, &, villain?
4). If you could have TWO super powers what would they be, and why?
5). For real, (don’t sugar-coat, or bad-a$$ this answer, be honest—and don’t give me the OVER-PLAYED misunderstood thing, you KNOW what your answer would be): would you be a villain, or a hero?
6). Favorite writer? Artist?
7). Comic book movies/shows you love?
8). Comic book movies/shows you hate?
9). Over-rated character?
10). If any character were real, and you could be their sidekick or henchman, who would you like on board with, and why?